Nintendo Switch Online Announces Game Trials Starting With Mario Tennis Aces

The Mario Tennis Aces trial will be available from 7 to 13 August.

When Nintendo launched their online service for the Nintendo Switch, many players felt it lagged behind that of their competitors. The service allows subscribers to play old NES games and Nintendo recently announced a voucher system, which will allow subscribers to buy two games at a discount. Now, it seems that the service will be adding game trials as an added benefit, starting with Mario Tennis Aces.

Nintendo Switch UK tweeted about the first upcoming game trial. They confirmed that the program period will run from 7 to 13 August. This means that Mario Tennis Aces can be played for free for a seven day period, and players who wish to purchase it will be able to do so at a discount. They also confirmed that any save progress will be carried over to the game if you do purchase it.

This new program shows that Nintendo is trying to change their online service and make it better for their subscribers. Many players still think the Nintendo Switch Online service is lackluster. Critics of the service believe that even though it may be cheaper than competitor services, it doesn’t offer as many perks.

The NES library doesn’t feature all that many games and the voucher system is somewhat convoluted. However, more games have been added to the service over time, and perhaps Nintendo may even start adding some of their newer exclusives to the program every month, such as Bayonetta, Smash Bros, and perhaps even Breathe of the Wild, in future. The console producer may have to do so if it is ever to compete properly with Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.

This announcement shows that Nintendo might be gearing up to overhaul their online Switch service. Hopefully, they may soon be able to turn the service into something players are happy with.