McFarlane Toys Reveals Part II

Here are all the other interesting figures McFarlane Toys showed off at San Diego Comic Con.

In the last post, I covered some of McFarlane Toy’s SDCC reveals and it just turned out that they were all based off video game characters. In this article, we look at figure reveals in their other properties.

So, hold onto your hats and prepare to Naruto run like your life depends on it because this is what McFarlane Toys has up their other sleeve. These figures were known to be in development before SDCC but they were on display at McFarlane’s corner.


Getting the ultra articulated treatment much like their Fortnite figures is Naruto. Anime fans will no doubt lose their minds over this one. Naruto comes in a collector-friendly box with a window display, a stand, two sets of hands and two kunai knives. The best thing of all (other than the articulation) is that the figure is currently out right now and can be purchased from Amazon. So, for those fans who didn’t know this was a thing, go forth! Go forth and appease your geeky urges!


My Hero Academia

I’ll be honest, I am not as clued up on Anime series as I’d like. I am a bit of a noob and my knowledge extends to a bit of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto as well as One Piece, and all the things that I’ve heard are from friends who are obsessed with it all. But these figures do stand out to me due to their cartoon art style. So please excuse my lack of knowledge on the characters themselves, I am going solely on the figures.

Izuku Midoriya

First up is Izuku Midoriya who sports 22 moving parts and comes in his Season 2 outfit, according to the product description. He comes with a base, two swappable faces (smiling and serious), two sets of hands (fists and relaxed), and two pieces of removable ‘quirk’ lightning. He also comes with some sweet shoes.


Katsuki Bakugo

This figure has freaking grenades as hands! That alone puts him on my wishlist. On top of that explosive detail, he comes with 22 moving parts, a base and two sets of hands (flexed and explosive).


All Might

I like big figures and other than being big, this figure comes with 22 points of articulation. He comes with a base and two sets of hands, which isn’t a lot but then again he is a big bulky guy that looks quite cool.


Tomura Shigaraki

The weirdest character in this assortment is Tomura Shigaraki. The figure comes with a stand and a collection of hands that are attached to him. He has 22 moving parts and looks quite scary. He kinda reminds me of Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.


Labyrinth – ‘Dance Magic’ Jareth

You were probably wondering why David Bowie was the cover image for this article; well that’s because McFarlane had their recently released ‘Dance Magic Jareth’ figure on display which may appeal to quite a few collectors because this character was played by none other than David Bowie in the cult classic Labyrinth film.

The figure features only 12 points of articulation. However, Jareth comes sports his outfit from the ‘Magic Dance’ musical number, a stand, a whip and a little goblin. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a David Bowie figure on their shelf? If you are one of those people, you can find it on Amazon.



McFarlane is really killing it with their figures and many collectors are keeping a keen eye on them to see what they do next, especially with their new highly articulated lines. Hopefully, we’ll see more on their other teased properties at the next Comic Con…