McFarlane Toys Reveals Part I

Here are some of the biggest McFarlane Toys San Diego Comic Con reveals.

McFarlane Toys has been the talk of the town since their highly articulated Fortnite figures, which caught everyone by surprise because in the past, the toy brand was not known for crazy articulation.

It seems that they are applying their new founded articulation scheme to their other properties too such as the new One-Punch Man figure. Although there weren’t that many new reveals at SDCC, McFarlane did show us some of their already revealed upcoming figures in their final figure form and one of them included a few video game icons.


First up is the iconic Doom Slayer. When he isn’t slaying the endless hordes of hell, he is looking damn fine as a figure. Doom Slayer measures up to 7 inches and comes with 22 moving parts (taken after their Fortnite figures articulation scheme).

The figure also comes with a stand (a staple among McFarlane Toys), an extended arm blade, a sheathed arm blade and his trusty Supershotgun.  This figure looks amazing and depicts the modern depiction of the Marine Armour but it’ll be interesting to see them do the same figure in the retro colour scheme too.



Mortal Kombat Figures

Scorpion and Sub-Zero; two iconic characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise are getting the McFarlane Toys treatment. Shown in their Mortal Kombat 11 outfits, they look really good and come with great articulation and accessories.

It’ll be interesting to see what McFarlane does with the future of this line, here’s to hoping for the classic costumes! The image below was shared by WB Games  very own Alan Johnson who is clearly hyped about these figures just as much as the fans are.

MK 11


We already knew that characters such as Dire and Havoc were inbound but McFarlane threw a wildcard on us in the form of a fairly recent character; Inferno. This guy looks quite interesting. His head sculpt is quite cool with a sculpted fire and he looks like he could easily pass as some sort of Batman villain or a Ghost Rider who has a sense of style.


They had Dire, the Werewolf on display too and although he looks amazing I am sceptical on how well he will stand with his unique legs. All their other figures, such as A.I.M and Havoc, are slated to be released sometime this year, which can be seen on their website.


Cuphead Buildable Figures

With its unique art style and crazy characters, it’s no surprise McFarlane is expanding on their buildable figures with a franchise like Cuphead.

McFarlane Cuphead

Borderlands 3

One of the most highly-anticipated games this year, Borderlands 3 has always found a home with McFarlane Toys. The toymaker will be adding to their collection with some Borderlands 3 characters with Tiny Tina and Psycho each sporting the game’s comic book art style.