Hasbro Marvel Legend Reveals – Part III

Here we take a look at the final batch of Marvel Legend reveals .

Hasbro showed off a lot of their Marvel Legends line, and of course, there was quite a bit based on the MCU. This is a Build-A-Figure wave and the figures featured are all from Avengers Endgame, with the buildable being Deadbeat Thor. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Captain America

“That’s America’s ass!” seemed to be a running gag at the Hasbro panel. This Captain America figure was displayed with his back facing the crowd and his head rotated back looking at his own backside. He comes with his shield and a piece for Thor.

Captain America.jpeg


Finally; we get an Idris Elba figure! Heimdall was a fan favourite in the Thor movies and his Thor: Ragnarok costume was simply amazing, although I am worried about articulation. His eyes stand out just like in the movie and he comes with his sword and a piece for Thor.



Sticking with the theme of Thor we get another fan favourite, Valkyrie whose costume is quite striking. It’ll be interesting to see how her cape affects her articulation but overall the figure is eye-catching. She comes with her weapons and a piece for Thor.


Iron Man

The father of the MCU gets yet another figure in the form of his Endgame appearance. He comes with the Stark Infinity Gauntlet, blast effects, alternate hands and a piece for Thor.

Iron Man.jpeg

Iron Patriot

Mostly a re-skin of the War Machine figure that was launched alongside Endgame, Iron Patriot looks bulky and menacing. His weapon attachments add to his overall theme and he comes with two heads for the Thor build-a-figure.

Iron Patriot.jpeg


Vision gets the action figure treatment and looks good. His cape looks good and although he doesn’t come with any accessories for himself, he comes with a building piece for Thor as well as Stormbreaker.


Deadbeat Thor

Bro Thor, Deadbeat Thor, it doesn’t matter what you call him. He is the most requested figure since the movie premiered. Hasbro was clever to make him the subject of a build a figure as the only way to get him is to buy out the entire wave of figures to piece him together. Clever or sneaky, you can be the judge of that. Either way, he looks really good and even I’m tempted to get the entire wave just to have him.

Deadbeat Thor.jpeg


Last but not least is Giant-Man. One of Ant-Man’s abilities is to grow to enormous sizes. So, this figure is a lot bigger than the others which means more details. He looks good and it’ll be interesting to see how exactly he scales with the other figures.


There are some exciting times ahead for collectors of Marvel figures. There is a lot to look forward to and Hasbro seems to be hitting all the right spots with which characters they choose and it’ll be interesting to see where they go next.