The Original Doom Trilogy Is Available Now On PS4, Switch, Xbox One, And Mobile

The original Doom trilogy is available now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS.

It seems that Bethesda and id Software are riding the nostalgia wave as during the opening keynote at QuakeCon 2019, they announced that the original Doom trilogy has been ported to current-gen consoles and mobile devices. The trilogy includes Doom (1993), Doom 2, and Doom 3 and is already available.

While the announcement may have been a shock for some fans, it was leaked earlier in the day. The game was seen available on Nintendo’s UK eShop but was pulled down before the keynote started. Doom (1993) features four player local co-op and includes the expansion Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed, which adds nine additional levels. Doom II includes the same local four player local co-op mode as well as The Master Levels, which is 20 extra levels made by the community and was supervised by the developers of the game. Lastly, Doom 3 includes the expansion packs Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions.

This isn’t the first time the original Doom has been released on newer consoles. The game has been available on Xbox consoles since 2006, while the game has been available on iOS since 2009. However, it’s the first time that Doom 2 and Doom 3 will be available on Android. id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, who are both working on Doom Eternal, came out to make the announcement. This move was clearly done to hype up the release of Doom Eternal.

This is a clear love letter to Doom fans. With the release of Doom Eternal slated for November, there seems to be plenty of Doom to go around till then.