Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals – Part II

Find out which other action figures Hasbro will be adding to their Marvel Legends line.

In the previous article, I went over some of the packs that Hasbro unveiled for their Marvel Legends line. But those weren’t the only new action figures they decided to show off. From vehicle packs to some surprising singles, here is Part II of the Marvel Legends SDCC reveals.

Cosmic Ghost Rider (Vehicle Pack)

Cosmic Ghost Rider (Who is actually The Punisher depicted as an interstellar Ghost Rider) is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in figure form. Firstly, the space bike looks incredible and that translucent orb that acts as a front-wheel really stands out. Frank Castle looks menacing with his dome helmet that surrounds his fire skull and his outfit comes with spiked shoulder pads. This whole set looks like something out of the Heavy Metal movie. I’m looking forward to seeing more on this figure as time goes on.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Figure

Squirrel Girl (Vehicle Pack)

A fan favourite, Squirrel Girl is getting the figure treatment along with her scooter accompanied with a basket to hold her cute little squirrels. These vehicle packs speak for themselves and it’s nice to display them on shelves and take pictures of them as they add variety. Squirrel Girl looks good too and is different from the other superheroes in the line-up.

Squirrel Girl Figure

Spider-Man (PS4 Velocity Suit)

After the success of Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, Hasbro made a figure inspired by the game’s default Spider-Suit, and it seems they aren’t just stopping there. The Velocity Suit was one of the other popular in-game suits, and now it is getting the figure treatment too. It’s always nice to get different variants of Spider-Man. After all, there is a Spider-Verse.

Velocity Suit Spider-Man

Spider-Man (PS4 Mark III Suit)

Another suit recently shown in the hit video game was the Mark III Suit. This thing translates really well into figure form and even though I have never played the video game, I am quite keen on this figure. It just stands out from all the other Spider-Man figures that have been released in the past. Or, maybe I’m just drawn to menacing-looking figures.

Mark III Spider-Man


I have no clue who this character is but what I do know is that he is getting a movie in the MCU’s Phase 4 line-up, in addition to looking great as an action figure. Apparently, he comes with a ton of Kung-Fu hands too. The timing of this figure along with the reveal of his movie seems to be some clever marketing by Marvel in general. The figure looks really cool though and many fans are eager to see what exactly a ‘ton of kung-fu’ hands entails.

Shang Chi


This figure really stands out. The character’s origin and the story have changed over the years but one thing that has remained constant is that She-Hulk is a cool-looking character and that all translates well in this figure. From torn clothes (which look amazing) to an angry face, this was a surprise to many and welcomed addition.

She Hulk

The Punisher (Camo)

A more grounded version of Frank Castle compared to the one revealed before, this is by far the best Punisher Figure I’ve seen out of Hasbro. The face paint head makes the character look even more frightening and the second bandanna head sculpt adds to that rugged look Frank Castle is known for. The figure looks more militarised than previous Punisher figures and comes with a few good looking guns.

The Punisher


Probably one of the more anticipated figures, Vulture’s reveal was met with cheers. This is the classic Old Man Vulture and it translates really well into figure form. It may look a tad simpler compared to modern iterations of the character but then again, nostalgia is real among figure collectors.  


X- Force Deathlok

The cyborg, Deathlok has been made into a figure before and every time he looks just as good. This is the X-Force version of the character and comes with a good colour scheme as well as a lot of guns.

X-Force Deathlok

Dani Moonstar

Another character I am unfamiliar with but in-love with the figure itself, Dani Moonstar comes with a bow and arrow, a pair of extra hands and two extra heads, one of which is a werewolf looking alternate head. That alone has me sold!



Age of Apocalypse Wolverine (Weapon X)

This version of Wolverine is missing a hand, it’s a long story that I had to actually look up across many different sources but it hails from the Age of Apocalypse storyline. It’s a different variant of Wolverine at the end of the day. People will either love it or they’d pass. But as some people say, you can never have too many Wolverines.

Weapon X

Dr. Doom

The most-anticipated figure revealed in the panel was Dr. Doom. This figure was met with a round of applause when he appeared on the screen and with good reason. He is one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe.

Dr. Doom

Below are images of the characters Morph, Strong-Man and Nate Grey, who were also revealed at the panel.



And this is only half the reveals. In the next article, we’ll go over the figures inspired by the MCU. Did someone say, Deadbeat Thor?