Hand of Fate Developer Ceasing Development On Future Titles

After nine years in the business, Defiant Development will be closing its doors.

It always sad to see a developer close its doors, especially when they had exciting projects on the horizon. Unfortunately, Defiant Development (the studio responsible for the creation of the Hand of Fate series) has announced that it will cease development on any new titles. According to a post on the studio’s Facebook page, they will continue in a “caretaker mode” to continue its support for their existing titles.

The studio also released a statement on their Twitter page detailing why they have decided to close their doors. “When we started this studio, we did so with a clear goal in mind. To hire great people, to create games and to do that in an ethical manner with respect for our team and our audience.” 


They continued, “The Defiant model has always focused on creating games nobody else would. Games that reflected the skills and passions of our team. Games that did something new. Our process has always been focused on iteration and exploration. We go into dark places, searching for hidden treasures. We set out without knowing where the journey will take us, and we do so knowing that the unknown is not always safe.”

The post continues “When it succeeds it delivers things could never have considered possible. When it fails, it leaves you without a safety net. Studios rise and studios fall, but people are always more important to the people of Defiant, staff, friends, families, and partners, thank you. May your futures shine bright, and may you change the world for the better.” They then linked a trailer to new-game that they were working on called A World in My Attic.

This will bring an end to Defiant Development’s nine year run as one of Australia’s premier gaming developers. Whatever the future holds for Defiant Development’s employees, hopefully it’s good.

What are some of your best memories of the Hand of Fate series?