The Witcher Showrunner Reveals Loved Character Will Appear In Series

The Witcher Netflix series showrunner has confirmed that Dandelion will appear in the show.

The Witcher series had a big showing at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The first trailer was revealed as well as many new details about the upcoming series. Though we saw a handful of characters and reveals, many noticed that there was a certain character missing; one of Geralt’s greatest friends, the lovable bard Dandelion.

Many fans love the character and show-runner Lauren S. Hissrich has confirmed he will appear in the series in an interview with, albeit with his original Polish name Jaskier.“We call him Jaskier. Yeah, absolutely. Jaskier is 100% in the show.” 

Hissrich also commented on why they went with his original name. “It’s interesting, because people ask about Jaskier all the time and why we went with his original name. It is funny, part of it was because when I read the books I read it as Dandelion (the flower), and then I listened to the audio-books. Dandelion (pronounced Dan-dill-ion), how would I get that?” 

Along with this, it seems that Dandelion will not be narrating Geralt’s journey this time.“It was really interesting because, just going back to Jaskier, he’s absolutely in the series. We didn’t look to him as narration, frankly because when I write narration I tend to get a little bit lazy in the actual storytelling. It sounds like a ridiculous thing, but if you can have someone tell you what you’re watching, then you don’t really need to watch it.” We have already seen Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and even Roach in the trailer and images. This is just another piece of news which has made some fans very happy.

The Witcher series is shaping up to be one of Netflix’s most-anticipated shows. Netflix still hasn’t announced a release date but it’s still coming in 2019. We all can’t wait to see Geralt’s adventure in a whole in form.

Are you happy that Dandelion will appear in the series?