Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals – Part I

The new Marvel Legends action figures from Hasbro look like a lot of fun!

Marvel Legends is well known among the figure community as being highly pose-able and affordable figures based on the varied roster of Marvel Characters. This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro revealed quite a few of their planned figures for the line and it’s clear that nostalgia is on the forefront of their thinking. We look at some of their upcoming figures below.

Wolverine, Jean Grey & Cyclopes Three Pack

X-Men Three Pack

Speaking of that nostalgia mindset, the first reveal I want to talk about is the Three-Pack, which makes me think of the hit 90s X-Men animated series. It’s part of the 80th Year Anniversary collection, so the box will be a work of art as well. Inside we see something quite interesting.

Wolverine looks a bit like a six-inch version of the Marvel Legends 12-inch Wolverine, the battle-damaged cowl is quite similar as well as the unmasked head sculpt. It even comes with the pulled off mask to wrap around his neck just like the 12-inch version. The third head is just a snarling masked head ,which does look cool. What stands out the most about this figure is that his claws are his original bone-claws. That already makes him quite different from all the other Wolverine figures under the Marvel Legends line. He also comes with a pair of un-clawed hands.

Jean Grey looks amazing with her long wavy red hair and classic costume. This is the look I grew up with. She doesn’t come with any accessories other than an interchangeable head which sports a different facial expression and hairstyle which is all we need for a Jean Grey figure.

Cyclopes is the last figure to finish off this love-triangle. He looks really cool with his leather jacket which makes him stand out from the others. He comes with a Visor Head sculpt, and two heads that sports sunglasses with different hairstyles and an extra hand that is sculpted to look like it is reaching to pull off his glasses right before he zaps someone.

Marvel’s Havoc & Polaris

Marvel Two Pack

Another 80th Anniversary two-pack that includes members of the X-Men comes in the form of Marvel’s Havoc & Polaris. I don’t know too much about the characters themselves but they look like interesting figures. Havoc makes me think of the 90s grunge scene with his leather jacket and hairstyle. He comes with some trippy looking effects as well.

Polaris comes in her X-Men suit, an extra pair of hands and some green effects that are similar to Havoc’s. Her hair stands out the most and it’ll be interesting to see how it affects her head rotation.

Deadpool & Hit-Monkey

Deadpool Hit-Monkey

You know which other character Hasbro loves creating other variants of other than Wolverine? Deadpool! Another box with the Marvel 80th Year Anniversary logo slapped on it, this two-pack comes with a white Tuxedo wearing Deadpool and a white Tuxedo wearing Hit-Monkey who is a trained monkey assassin (yes, really, look it up.)

The box has 80s aesthetic written all over it, which just adds to the insanity of this two-pack. Deadpool comes dressed in a white Tuxedo which is quite different than what we are used to. He comes with a masked head, unmasked head showing off that face only a mother could love and a half-masked head, two swords, a pink zebra deco gun (see what I mean by 80’s aesthetic?), a guitar and a Deadpool-themed disc.

Then we get Hit-Monkey, clad in a white suit with glasses, four guns, headphones and a Headpool stuck on a mini monster truck. (No, you are not on drugs, this is real. See for yourself!)

These packs look like a lot of fun, especially the Deadpool and Hit-Monkey one. This is just a portion of Marvel Legends’ reveals from SDCC. There’s still a lot more to go through though and if you think that Deadpool & Hit-Monkey was crazy, make sure to have a look at our next round-up.