New Mega Man Game Announced For iOS And Android

Mega Man X Dive is currently in development for iOS and Android users.

When it comes to the Mega Man series, every fan has their favourite entry and series. Well, if you’re a fan of the Mega Man X series, someone at Capcom may have been listening to you as the publisher has announced a new Mega Man X mobile game. The title is called Mega Man X Dive and will be available to iOS and Android users.

The game was leaked via Capcom Taiwan and seems to have been announced prematurely . Mega Man X Dive is described as an action-RPG for mobile devices. The official description for the game (which seems to be an awful translation) reads as follows: “Deep Log: The digital word where ‘MEGAMEN X Series Game’ was stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player…. “Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons All stages, Maverics, all the characters from ‘MEGAMEN X Series’ are all mixed up because of game errors. “Come! Players Get into the Deep Log Beat the Maverics and get the game data repaired.” 

The game seems like an all-star game, instead of a new adventure. This makes sense as the description talks about reliving memories of the past. Capcom has been on a roll recently with the Mega Man series. Mega Man 11 was critically acclaimed and renewed interest in the franchise.

The title  is only stated to be in development, and thus there is no release date as of yet. Though this isn’t the greatest announcement, hopefully Capcom will release a new Mega Man game soon.