Wargroove Releases On PS4 This Week

Wargroove will be coming to PS4 on 23 July but it won’t feature cross-play.

The tactical turn-based strategy game Wargroove, which includes mages, assassins and war dogs, will be making its way to PlayStation 4 on 23 July. The game was already available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game’s release will include all previous modes, the story campaign and community-made maps but it won’t support cross-play.

Wargroove developers Chucklefish hasn’t given a reason as to why there won’t be cross-play on the system but it could be due to Sony’s tough stance on cross-play. However, the studio has assured PS4 players that they will still be able to download community-made maps and upload their own maps and campaigns.

Blitworks will be porting the game to system. They are known for their works on Salt and Sanctuary, Windjammers, and the Amnesia: Collection. They have collaborated with Chucklefish in the past to port the game to the Xbox One. Wargroove released in February as a homage to old tactical-turn based strategy games, such as the Advance War series and old school Fire Emblem games. The game features a 20-hour campaign, an arcade mode, puzzle mode challenge, and even a map editor.

If you’re looking for an old-school strategy game on PS4 , you may want to pick up Wargroove, especially if you can’t pick up Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is also due to be released later this week on Nintendo Switch.