Hideo Kojima Reveals More Death Stranding Details At SDCC

Hideo Kojima has revealed some interesting new details about Death Stranding.

Hideo Kojima appeared at the storyteller panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. He spoke a lot about his upcoming PS4 exclusiveDeath Stranding, and took some time to reveal some new details about it. The title has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement and first trailer. He divulged details about what inspired him to make the game, revealed cover art and discussed the Heartman character.

With regards to the box art, Kojima revealed what both the standard and steelbook editions of the game will look like. The standard box art reveals Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Bridges, looking in to the distance, whereas the steelbook version also has Sam Bridges but with face paint. It was also revealed that Kojima himself designed the steelbook.

Kojima also spoke about how a certain mechanic in the game was inspired by other older games, such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong. During the gameplay trailer, we see Sam pulling out a collapsible ladder and using it to climb a mountain. Kojima stated that in those games, “players would ascend to new heights by ladder or rope and so he wanted to develop a game that had a similar approach, albeit with a futuristic slant.”

Speaking on the characters, Kojima revealed a little about the Heartman, stating what makes him special. The character is being played by film director Nicolas Winidng Refn. Kojima stated that Heartman is only alive for 21 minutes and then dies for 3 minutes, while during this time he searches for his family, which were lost during the Death Stranding event, and are on the other side. Attendees were shown an exclusive clip showing Sam talking to Heartman.

This is the most information we’ve gotten about the game since its gameplay trailer a couple of months ago, although this may be the last we hear of it until it is released on  8 November.