Hasbro Power Rangers Wave 2 Revealed

Hasbro’s new Power Rangers Lightning Collection has many fans screaming the team’s iconic catchphrase!

With San Diego Comic-Con now behind us and an onslaught of figure reveals to shovel through, what better way to start than with new reveals from Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection? Since Hasbro acquired the rights to the Power Rangers IP, they have been taking everything from their Marvel Legends line and applying it to the Power Rangers.

Hasbro has been clever with this though. They could have released all the characters from each generation but they knew that most people have a soft spot for the first generation of Power Rangers, the Mighty Morphin. So, they are releasing each wave with at least one or two G1 Power Rangers along with some characters from the other generations too.

In the first wave of six-inch figures, we got Tommy The White Ranger and Lord Zedd; two beloved characters from the series original run. Along with them came The Shadow Ranger from Power Rangers S.P.D and Tyler Navarro’s Red Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge. These figures were praised for their looks as well as their articulation, which is no surprise given how well-received the Marvel Legends figures are. But this next wave aims to knock the first out of the park.

Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger is getting the Hasbro action figure treatment. The figure looks beautiful and will stand out on any shelf. She comes with her Power Bow with an arrow and blast effect accessory, a Blaster, an extra pair of hands and an unmasked head.

Pink Ranger

Beast Morphers Red Ranger

I’ll be honest, my Power Rangers knowledge only includes the original Rangers that were a big part of my childhood, Power Rangers: Time Force and the 2017 Movie. But just because I lack the knowledge on the current run of the series doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good looking figure. Devon Daniels’ Red Ranger translates well into figure form.

He looks like a futuristic ninja. He comes with an unmasked head that is swappable with the helmet, an extra pair of hands, a sword, blaster in the shape of a Cheetah (or it could be a Lion) and a blast effect.

Red Ranger.jpg


Beast Morphers Gold Ranger

Another character from Beast Morphers comes in the form of Nate Silva’s Gold Ranger. This figure’s helmet stands out to me. At first, I thought this was a villain before I did some googling (I think it’s the menacing horns). The Gold Ranger comes with an unmasked head, a sword, blaster, blast effect and an extra pair of hands.

Gold Ranger.jpg

Lost Galaxy Magna Defender

Not a clue who this guy is. But damn, that is one hell of a figure. A Google search revealed that he is a ‘frenemey’ of the Power Rangers in the Lost Galaxy season. He looks really cool with his cape, paint job and horns. He comes with a sword, blast effect, a gun and an extra pair of hands.



The iconic villain from Mighty Morphin translates well into action figure form. Sadly, he is a GameStop exclusive. He comes with a sword, an extra pair of hands and a blast effect.


Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and Putty Patroller Two-Pack

Probably, the all-time favourite ranger of many fans would be Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger. This two-pack includes the Green Ranger and an infamous Putty Patroller. The Green Ranger comes with an unmasked head, sword, blast effect, and his Dragon Dagger which, if fans remember, doubled as a flute to call his Megazord! And yes, the figure is capable of pulling that iconic pose.

The Putty Patroller comes with an extra pair of hands, a blast effect and two hands in the shape of weapons. This two-pack seems to be available only at select retailers.


Hasbro is really embracing the Power Rangers and with rumours of a sequel to the 2017 movie on everyone’s lips, it’ll be interesting to see how far they take this figure line in future.

If you are hyped by these new reveals, then maybe this will help. I’ve been listening to it on loop while writing this article. Go Go Power Rangers!