Sky: Children Of The Light Available Now

The creators of Journey have released Sky: Children of the Light for iOS.

Journey was a stand-out hit when it was launched on the PlayStation 3. Well, the developers behind Journey have a new game for mobile users and it is available now worldwide. It’s called Sky: Children of the Light and is currently available for iOS devices, while it will release on other platforms soon.

Sky: Children of the Light was announced back in 2017. The game was previously released as a beta for iOS users but it was known as Sky: Light Awaits. Developers Thatgamecompany announced the release on their Twitter, which was accompanied by a trailer. Anyone who has played Journey or Flower may recognise the game’s art style as it seems very similar to their previous works. The game is described as a social third-person multiplayer adventure and is set in the world of Sky. Within this world, players control the famed Children of the Light with the community attempting to the return fallen stars to their constellations.

Players link up with others to explore the world at their leisure. The goal in each area is to awaken the eternal spirit, which will teach players a new gesture before forming a constellation. The game’s multiplayer keeps the anonymous feeling of Journey as there isn’t any communication except for icons and gestures.

Overall, the title seems quite interesting and if you’re interested you can download it right now on iOS as it’s free. This could be another hit, especially when it comes to more platforms in the future.

Are you going to play Sky: Children Of The Light?