Zachary Levi Interested In Nathan Drake Role If Tom Holland Turns It Down

Zachary Levi has expressed interest in playing Nathan Drake.

Zachary Levi has been on a bit of a hot streak in recent months. With the release of Shazam in April, he became a fan-favorite with moviegoers. Although he may already portray a popular DC superhero, it doesn’t mean he wants the heroic antics to end there. The actor is looking at the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie but only if Tom Holland who has been cast to play the character doesn’t work out.

During a recent panel at CCXP Cologne in Germany, Levi was asked which video game franchise he would like to star in if he had the opportunity. He expressed his interest in starring in an Uncharted movie. He said he even called Naughty Dog to find out which studio had the rights to the film after finishing the original Uncharted game.

“I played the first Uncharted when it first came out, I was like, ‘that dude’s the new Indiana Jones, I want to be the new Indiana Jones, I’m finding out where the movie rights are.” He continued, “Apparently Tom Holland is attached to be Nathan Drake, a young version of Nathan Drake, he’s a very talented and upstanding gentleman, and so I wish him nothing but luck. But if that doesn’t work out, I would love to be Nathan Drake.”

He also spoke about his competition for the role and his love for another Naughty Dog property; The Last of Us. “Also Nathan Fillion would love to be Nathan Drake, the face is kind of modeled after Nathan Fillion. But also The Last of Us. I mean, they’re gonna turn that into a movie too, and that would be an amazing role.”

While Levi will have his Shazam role for some time, it doesn’t mean it he can’t star in other films. Sony should be happy that if Tom Holland doesn’t work out, they have a list of eager replacements.

What do you think of Zachary Levi as Nathan Drake?