Doom Annihilation Movie Gets A Release Date

DOOM: Annihilation will release on 1 October on Blu-Ray and DVD.

With all the recent news about new video game films being in production, many may have forgotten that another video game movie adaption will be released this year. That’s right; Universal Pictures Home Entertainment’s DOOM Annihilation is still on its way and they recently announced the film’s release date and that it will release straight to DVD and Blu-ray.

According to the film’s official Twitter account, it will be released on 1 October. There will also be an “exclusive” new clip from the film shared next week. Pre-orders are open for DVD, Blu-Ray and digital platforms. 

Many DOOM fans aren’t happy with the film as it looks cheaply made and seems to be just a cash grab, especially as it’s going straight to video. The project was so awfully received that even the official video games had to distance themselves from the project and say that they have no affiliation with the upcoming film.

The official movie synopsis reads: “On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe. Considered to be mankind’s greatest discovery it’s actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to seal the souls of everyone who gets in their way. It’s up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy an ever-growing horde of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts and prevent them from talking over the planet earth.”

The film will release about two months before the new video game, DOOM: Eternal, which is slated for release on 22 November. There is definitely more excitement surrounding the new game than the upcoming film.

Will you be watching DOOM: Annihilation when it releases?