DC Collectibles Batman vs TMNT Reveal

DC Collectibles reveals their new line of Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures…wait, what?

Earlier this year, Warner Bros Animation and Nickelodeon teamed up to bring us an adaption of the Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover comic arc, which was something fans didn’t even know they needed until they saw it. The movie was well received amongst fans and although it has its fair share of ridiculousness, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Along with the movie, DC Collectibles revealed their Michelangelo in Batman’s cowl figure, which came with a pizza slice, a whole pizza, an amazing looking cape and some interchangeable hands. Not only did it leave surprised fans drooling but it also left many wondering if they would do more with this line as DC Collectables isn’t known for doing anything other than DC Comics characters.

To everyone’s surprise, earlier this month, it was revealed that they are indeed elaborating on this insanely cool crossover event with a bunch of two-packs that will hit shelves in September.



Batman & Leonardo

First up are the leaders of the Bat-Family and Heroes in a Half Shell respectively. Right off the bat, these figures catch the eye with their cartoon aesthetic which I personally love. This version of Batman closely resembles the Classic 1970’s Batsuit, which makes this Batman even more appealing, and that’s not mentioning that amazing cape.

Their heights match perfectly as The Turtles are supposed to be shorter than the average human. Leonardo pops with that cartoon aesthetic and looks very well done. However, it’ll be interesting to see how the articulation works with all the turtles in this line, taking into consideration that they have thick knee and elbow pads and the way their muscles are sculpted.

DC Collectibles isn’t known for outrageous articulation. Batman comes with a few interchangeable hands, a Batarang, grapple hook, and what looks like a Batman-themed communicator. Leonardo comes with his two swords, which look like they can be sheathed on his sides, different hands as well as a pizza slice.


Robin & Raphael

Next up are Robin and Raphael. This is the Damien Wayne version of Robin that comes with a hooded and un-hooded head sculpt. Robin comes with a Batarang, grapple hook, bo-staff, a manhole cover (that were used as weapons in the movie), a communicator and a slice of pizza.

Raphael is the biggest and meanest of the turtles. He comes with an alternate head, which has him wear his motorcycle helmet, interchangeable hands, his iconic Sais and a slice of pizza. It’s always nice to get alternate heads with figures for more variety when posing.


Alfred & Michelangelo

These two characters really brought some comic relief to the film with their stark contrasts in personality. They come with the most ludicrous accessories out of the line. Alfred comes with a set of hands posed in different gestures, a pizza slice and a Superman-themed mug.

While Michelangelo comes with his pair of Nunchaku (Nunchucks), a set of changeable hands, a skateboard (hopefully, the wheels move and it has pegs to clip into any peg holes there may be in his feet) as well as a pizza slice.



Batgirl & Donatello

Arguably, the best member of the Bat-Family, as well as the best Ninja Turtle (simply because of their smarts and how tech-savvy they are) Batgirl and Donatello, come in a two pack together and both look really well done.

Batgirl has a nice head sculpt (though it would have been better if she came with an unmasked version too) but what we do get looks really good. She comes with a syringe, a set of hands, a cellphone, grapple hook with different hook types as well as a slice of pizza.

Donatello comes with an alternate head with his helmet and aiming lens equipped. A canister of ooze, a set of hands, a turtle communicator, his trusty bo-staff and a slice of pizza. He also has a D on his belt buckle.



Shredder & Ra’s Al Ghul

The two big baddies of the movie come in a two pack together and although they look cool, they are lacking a bit in the accessories department. Ra’s comes with his sword while Shredder comes with a canister of ooze. Whether his wrist blades are removable is unknown.

They look fantastic and this Shredder figure really looks like it could very well be one of the best looking ones out there. However, it feels like a missed opportunity to not include an unmasked version or some different hands for both characters.


Overall, the figures look really good. It’s strange that some come with swappable heads while others don’t but then again, it is what it is. It’s a nice touch that each two-pack comes with characters that had some sort of dynamic in the movie.

At a glance, the articulation looks like it may be a bit hindered by the sculpts but only time will tell. These start shipping in September with the first batch of two-packs and will gradually release through to December.

Right now, they are a Gamestop exclusive but there have been other ‘exclusives’ that ended up in South African markets. One place to look at would be Project Mayhem situated in Durban as they have acquired other ‘exclusives’ for other properties in the past.