Not All Games Will Be Supported By The Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo says there may be some games that aren’t compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Recently, Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Switch Lite to the world. The handheld only system is a dockless, cheaper, smaller and lighter variation of the popular console. The main difference between the two is that the Lite’s Joy-Cons cannot be detached and it does not include an HD rumble feature. It’s pretty much a Switch that doesn’t switch. Questions then arose regarding whether all games will be compatible with the system. Well, according to Nintendo not all games will be compatible with the Switch Lite.

Since the system won’t be able to connect to a TV or feature a tabletop mode, the games that require these features will not be compatible with the device. It was also revealed that Nintendo Labo won’t be compatible due to the kits requiring detachable Joy-Cons. Players will be able to play some games that make use of the rumble feature on the Switch Lite, such as  1, 2 SwitchSuper Mario Party and Just Dance, but they will be required to buy separate Joy-Cons to do so.

Commenting on the decision to release the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser stated, “The two systems will complement each other and co-exist in the marketplace. We believe the timing is right when we have momentum. This is the perfect opportunity for us to offer more choices, and bring more consumers into Nintendo Switch in the third year. When you tie that with the software that we just announced at E3, we’ve got a perfect opportunity as we head into the holiday.”

It seems that Nintendo wants everyone to own a Nintendo Switch. Although some games may not work with the system, it likely won’t slow sales of the device. The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on 20 September with a special Pokémon edition launching on 8 November.

Will you be picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite?