Space Invaders Film Picks Up Mortal Kombat Movie Writer

Greg Russo has been hired to write the upcoming Space Invaders film.

It seems that video game film adaptations are making a big resurgence. Ever since Detective Pikachu released to good reviews, it seems like so many want to have a good go at making a film. Well, it seems that Space Invaders is the next major title to get the film adaptation treatment. Although it sounds insane that New Line will be making a Space Invaders movie, there is still some hope that the film will be good. They have picked Greg Russo to write the film.(Russo is also due to write the upcoming Mortal Kombat film.)

Russo does have experience in adapting video games to the big screen as he’s worked on the Resident Evil franchise. An idea for a Space Invaders movie isn’t something new. Concepts for the film have been kicked around for a few years since Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment picked up rights for the film back in 2014. There’s no news on when the movie will be released or when production will begin. Weed Road Pictures Akiva Goldsman is set to be producing the film, alongside Safehouse Pictures’ Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell.

Although it seems like a very odd decision to make a Space Invaders film, with Greg Russo attached to the project, there could be some merit to the film. The game is regarded as the origin of the shoot-em-up genre. Players aim to defeat waves after waves of aliens in descending horizontally lines. It was all about getting the high score for bragging rights. It’s quite hard to figure what they will adapt though; Space Invaders isn’t the one of those games with a deep lore, especially since it was released all the way back in 1978.

Overall, this isn’t a video game adaptation many players wanted but it is one that they’ll get anyway. At least there is also Just Cause and Uncharted films to look forward to.

Are you excited about the upcoming Space Invaders movie?