Tetris 99 Will Be Getting A Physical Release In September

Tetris 99 will be getting a physical release, which will include all DLC and a 12-month Nintendo online service subscription.

It seems that Nintendo’s brick-breaking battle royale title Tetris 99 will be getting a physical release, which will include the game’s DLC and a 12-month subscription to the Nintendo Switch online subscription service. This doesn’t seem like a bad deal for those who would like to sign up to the service.

A physical version was announced last month but it was stated it would only be available for Japan. However, now it seems that Europe will be getting the same treatment on 20 September. The physical version will include the Big Block DLC, which brought offline play to the online-only game. The DLC package also added new game modes, including the classic Marathon mode and an offline Battle Royale mode against 98 bots.

This news comes after it was revealed that the game will be getting an offline multiplayer mode as DLC, which will be added to the Big Bloc package. This multiplayer mode will add a local arena where you and eight friends can battle against each other. There will also be a two-player share battle where two players can share joy-cons. This mode will also be available with the physical release of the game. Players can also look forward to the fifth Maximus cup, where they will get access to a special Splatoon theme for free.

It’s safe to say that this is not the last addition we will see to Tetris 99. This release is great for those who wish to add the game to their collection and don’t have an online subscription just yet.

Will you be buying the physical version of Tetris 99?