New Gran Turismo Game Confirmed, Teased for PS5

Polyphony Digital has confirmed that a new Gran Turismo is in the works.

With GT Sport approaching its second anniversary, and the PS5 nearing its announcement, many fans have been wondering when we will receive a new entry into PlayStation’s popular racing-sim franchise, Gran Turismo. Well, fan fears can be put to rest as developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed that they are working on a new Gran Turismo title. This confirmation comes from series creato, Kazunori Yamauchi.

Yamauchi recently spoke to GT Planet about the next iteration of the series. “I think in terms of races themselves and physics GT Sport has really reached the best place that we’ve ever reached – we’re at a very good place.” He continued “On the other hand, obviously we’re working on the next Gran Turismo already, and the world of sport we’ve achieved through GT Sport is something I’ve always imagined to be the future of Gran Turismo. We were able to establish that now.” 

Yamauchi also spoke about how he rarely plays the older games in the series but has recently played some of the previous titles, which has changed his perception for the future of the series.

As for what’s the next for Gran Turismo, Yamauchi commented on how the future title will look. “I think the next title that we’re going to create will be a combination of the past, present and future – a complete form of Gran Turismo.” He also spoke about how he believes in the future of VR and how the next generation of consoles will improve the power of VR.

It is safe to say that Polyphony Digital is looking through the Gran Turismo franchise to help create the next game. Perhaps, this will help return the franchise to its former glory seen in the PS1 and PS2 eras, where it was considered the king of racing-sim games.

Are excited about a new Gran Turismo title?