McFarlane Toys Fortnite New Reveals Preview

A look at some of the new Fortnite figures produced by McFarlane Toys.

It seems that Fortnite will not be slowing down any time soon. With their recent John Wick event and the upcoming Stranger Things event inbound, Fortnite is becoming a platform for other companies to advertise their product. But that’s a two-way street. McFarlane Toys really upped their game when they tackled transitioning beloved Fortnite characters into action figure form and the results have been well-received.  So, it’s no surprise that their recent reveals have knocked it out of the park!

Side note: These figures are in 7-inch scale and all come with a base stand, which is a staple for McFarlane Toys.

The Prisoner



This character is only two seasons old. If players remember correctly, they needed to unlock him as they played through the season. His reveal was heavily-anticipated, which is why his action figure is quite a welcome surprise. All these reveals look great but out of all of them, The Prisoner is a little more unique as there are no other figures like him.

There’s not much information on if he’ll have alternate heads for his other forms like in the game. He comes with a six-shooter, a pickaxe and his backpack. What’s really interesting about him is the ice shards on his shoulders and how his skirt piece will affect his leg articulation. We’ll have to see when he releases.



Havoc looks like a repaint of one of their first figures, Raptor who came in a brown bomber jacket with a yellow ski-mask. Havoc, however, comes in an Arctic camouflage. He is the simplest of the bunch out of these new reveals and he will appeal to those who are into army building as he is essentially a generic soldier in Arctic camouflage.

It’s safe to assume that he’d have the same articulation as Raptor did as it looks like the same body mould. He comes with a burst assault rifle that mirrors a FAMAS and a trust pickaxe.



Next up is Ragnarok who isn’t actually a surprise because a prototype was on display at this year’s Toy Fair. I am sceptical about his head articulation and how it will work with that thick beard but other than that he looks menacing and is the second craziest looking figure to come out of this reveal.

He’s a Viking Warlord, so what’s not to like? He’ll come with a double barrel shotgun as well as his pickaxe, while his backpack looks to be a removable cape.



One of the most sought-after skins is getting his much-deserved action figure form. The only way to really describe what this guy is would be that he is a combat-ready Stig. If that hasn’t caught anyone’s attention, then there really is no hope. He looks cool, very universal and he comes with a suppressed assault rifle (Best gun there ever was, fight me!), his tyre iron pickaxe and a sheathed sword as a backpack. Again, don’t want to assume anything but if that sword is removable, it’ll just make this figure more amazing.



The big bad wolf himself, the Season 6 Level 100 skin as well as the first level 100 skin I managed to acquire, Dire is a werewolf and is the most exciting out of the bunch. Not only are werewolves awesome, but a bandana-wearing Werewolf with a shotgun, hammer-looking pickaxe and a sword to clip on his back is just ridiculously cool on so many levels. I really hope McFarlane toys invest into doing the other forms of this character, especially his Teen Wolf looking form.

There’s one thing I have to give credit to the Fortnite brand of figures by both McFarlane Toys and Jazzwares and that is that the characters are very universal. You don’t have to be a Fortnite fan to see the appeal in these. Out of this bunch there is a Generic Soldier, a Combat Ready Stig looking character and a Werewolf.

These characters can appeal to so many people looking to build up some henchmen for their pictures or have a werewolf stalk their other figures. These figures look like a huge upgrade on the initial figures and I hope McFarlane Toys continues to play around with these diverse characters. The possibilities are really endless.