Guerrilla Games Potentially Teases Upcoming PS5 Games With Recent Job Listings

Recent job listings posted by Guerrilla Games teases that are developing new PS5 games.

It seems that Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games is working on a new game if recent job listings are to be believed. The Dutch developer is planning on doubling its number of employers and hopes to work on two games at once, with the plan of releasing the two titles within a few years of each other.

The developer has posted more than 60 job listings on their official site. These listings include positions such as senior game writers, 3D character artists, and AI programmers, among others. The job posts don’t say anything about working on a next generation game but it seems unlikely that with the PS5 due to be released in a year’s time that they would be hiring for a PS4 game.

The new listings give us an idea of what to expect from the studio. Guerrilla Games is currently looking to hire a network engineer, which may mean they are working on a title with online multiplayer. They are also looking for an AI programmer, which describes making NPCs come to life as a part of the job description. Then, the listing for the senior game writer position asks for a person interested in developing dramatic storytelling in open-world games.

Although Guerrilla Games has not announced which titles they are working on, the studio has been rumoured to be developing Horizon Zero Dawn 2. They could also be planning on bringing back the Killzone franchise. The last entry in the first-person shooter franchise was Killzone: Shadow Fall back in 2013; a launch title for the PS4. It’s been almost seven years since then and it wouldn’t be so unexpected if the studio was working on a follow-up.

It seems that Guerrilla Games is planning on expanding, which will allow them to create more games in future. This is also a sign that Sony is preparing to follow their release loads of exclusive games for the PS5 too.

Are you excited that Guerrilla Games is working on new titles?