PlayStation’s July PlayStation Plus Line-Up Has Changed

Sony has announced that Detroit: Become Hunan will replace PES: 2019 in July’s line-up of PlayStation Plus games.

Sony has announced that they will be making a change to their PlayStation Plus games line-up for July. The console producer announced a few weeks back that PES: 2019 and the retro-inspired racing game, Horizon Chase Turbo, would be coming free to users this month. However, they recently stated that PES: 2019 will be replaced with Quantic Dream’s robot narrative adventure, Detroit: Become Human.

No reason has been provided as to why Sony made the change. This comes as a shock as  hardly any changes have ever been made to planned PlayStation Plus free titles. To compensate for the change, Sony has sweetened the deal by giving away Detroit: Become Human‘s digital deluxe edition, which includes a digital art book, themes, avatars and Heavy Rain for PS4.

Heavy Rain was available for PlayStation Plus users a few months back, so if you didn’t grab it then now is the perfect time to get it. It is also interesting that they chose to give away Detroit: Become Human as it is still a fairly new game. Detroit: Become Human is set in a futuristic world where androids have become a part of the norm for society. You play as three different androids in a world that is trying to define what it means to be human.

The change has been welcomed by many fans who were left disgruntled when Sony first announced their list for July. Many felt that PES: 2019 was underwhelming compared to previous games. There probably will be some players who are unhappy that PES: 2019 has been removed though. 

As always, you’ll have one month to grab these games before they are taken down, and they will only be playable as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. It does seem to be a great month for fans.

Are you happy about Detroit: Become Human being added to the July PlayStation Plus line-up?