Rumoured Details of GTA 6 Surface

A former Rockstar Games employee has supposedly confirmed the existence of GTA 6 with his resume.

With the huge success that was Grand Theft Auto V, it is no surprise that there are many excited fans waiting for Rockstar Games to release any word about an inevitable “GTA 6″. It seems that such fans may have received just that as an alleged confirmation of the next GTA game have supposedly surfaced.

A former employee of Rockstar Games placed some intriguing information on his resume when applying for a new position. Under his previous experience, it stated “Create concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta 5 dlc and upcoming Gta6.” The resume details could perhaps confirm the existence of GTA 6, but this is just speculation. The employee’s CV has since been edited and the information removed.

Rockstar Games has not confirmed nor denied the information that has been leaked from its previous employee. Although there is some information available to the public, it is not that significant. There are also no details on their social media accounts or their website for a more in-dept clue.

A release date has yet to be announced, but rumours say the title will be ready by late 2020. Seeing as we have not received a preview of the game, it is assumed the game will only be released in towards the latter half of the year. Other rumours suggest that the game will be situated in Vice City, with the possibility of Liberty City and Vice City perhaps even combining together

Taking all of the above into consideration, there is no solid evidence that any of these rumours are true, whilst there isn’t anything to say that they are fake. Due to the nature of the industry with continuous leaks and the legitimacy of information provided, the only reliable information players will ever get about an upcoming GTA game will only ever really be from RockStar Games.

Source: GameRant