Batman Voice Actor Wants More Batman Games From Rocksteady Studios

Kevin Conroy wants Rocksteady to make more Batman Arkham games.

Rocksteady Studios recently celebrated Batman: Arkham Knight four-year release anniversary. The game released on 23 June 2015 and the studio thanked their many fans for becoming the Caped Crusader and cleaning up Gotham. The celebration garnered a rather interesting response from someone pretty familiar to Rocksteady. Kevin Conroy who voice Batman in DC’s animated series and films and in Rocksteady’s games, posed a question to the developer: Why stop at Arkham Knight?

The voice of Batman retweeted Rocksteady’s tweet celebrating the game with the question “But why stop there?!!” This is probably a question that every fan has asked since the release of the last game. Even though this question is asked by every major fan of the series, there now seems to be some weight behind since it’s from Conroy. The tweet also garnered some responses from fans who hope the voice actor isn’t just teasing them but rather that the whole thing is some sort of tease for Rocksteady’s next Batman game.

It is important to take any rumour with a grain of salt as there has been no word from Rocksteady about another Batman game. We do know that they are working on a new game though no one knows what it is. There have been numerous rumours about the upcoming title. Some suggest that they will be returning to the Arkham series but under a different name, with others saying they’re working on a Superman game.

There were suggestions of them working on a Justice League game as well as a completely different game titled Outlaws. Many thought that they would reveal their next game at E3 but that was quickly shut down when they said they would not be attending the event.

This is all just speculation and rumours but there could be some sort of hidden meaning behind the tweet. Only time will tell if it was a clever tease or a meaningless question. All we can do is wait for Rocksteady Studios to announce their next game.

Do you think Conroy’s tweet is some clever tease or completely meaningless?