Here’s How Marvel’s Avengers Missions Will Work

All you need to know about exactly how Crystal Dynamics intend to set up missions within the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game.

With Crystal Dynamics’ much-anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game set to be released in the next year,  the developer decided to let us in on how the composition of the missions will be set out exactly (essentially, just explaining how gameplay will work.)

The game is set to use each of the Avengers unique abilities for certain missions. With some missions, you won’t be able to choose a character but will be forced to play as a specific character in order to complete necessary objectives. With additional side missions that add depth to the story, you will be able to select your favourite Avenger to take on the world, or team up with some friends and create an unstoppable team of superheroes. (Just be careful not to invite a friend who will choose your favourite character.)

Speaking on the mission design, Noah Hughes, creative director of Crystal Dynamics, stated that “there are specific areas where you can play a specific hero, but then there are also lots of missions that open up and you can play with any hero.” With main missions progressing the story line, secondary missions let players “tell their own story”, says Hughes. This has been one of the biggest focal points of the game, but details on how “customisation” or how players will tell their own specific story have not yet been released.

Missions are replayable and added characters and areas will be introduced into an ever-expanding universe. This isn’t the normal universe you are used to though, with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix adding their own twist on the characters. Thus, there may be a few things that differ from what you have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game will feature a completely original storyline, which will continue to unfold with the help of multiple DLCs in future.

Multiple hours of game time, fresh new characters and undiscovered terrain has only worked in increasing excitement for the upcoming title. Marvel’s Avengers is set to be released on 25 May 2020.