One Punch Man Mobile Video Game Announced

Oasis Games has announced that a new One Punch Man mobile game is coming soon.

One Punch Man Season 2 may be coming to an end but fans of the superhero anime may be happy to know that their time with Saitama and his friends isn’t over just yet. Oasis Games has announced that thet will be releasing a One Punch Man mobile game. Titled One Punch Man: Road to Hero, the game will allow players to relive classic events of the series as well as collect and fight with over 50 different but familiar characters.

It’s set to launch sometime after the end of the second season but fans can already pre-register for the new game. This will allow them to be the first to find out when One Punch Man: Road to Hero fully releases on iOS and Android devices. They will also receive a free in-game gift. The game will feature events and characters from the first season of the anime with the second season being added later. Players will go through multiple characters and fight various enemies. The gameplay will be that of a turn-based mobile card RPG title and will be using official audio from the anime series. There will also be a PvP mode included too.

One Punch Man focuses on Saitama, a superhero who has grown bored as he is so powerful due to him finishing all his battles in a single punch. It’s based on the superhero web-manga created by ONE, which began production in early 2009. An anime adaptation premiered in October 2015 by Madhouse and was universally praised. A second season was announced and premiered in April 2019.

The game is a great addition for fans of not only the anime but also the manga. Details regarding in-game monetization and future additions to the game have been scarce. With Season 2 coming to a close soon, many fans surely can’t wait to get their hands on the new One Punch Man game.

Are you interested in the upcoming One Punch Man game?