Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers Will Begin A New Avengers Universe

Crystal Dynamics will begin their own Marvel universe with their Avengers game.

At E3 2019, the world finally got to see Crystal Dynamics highly-anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game. More information about the game is now being released, with the developer now confirming that they will be creating their own unique interpretation of the Avengers and that there will be no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to the Head of Crystal Dynamics, Scott Amos, this project is the start of their own “Avengers universe.”

Speaking to about the upcoming title and the inspiration they drew from other games, Amos stated, “We look at any great game and ask what we can steal from them. Looking at Spider-Man, it was close to our hearts for sure… We’ll steal from anybody who is the best. We look at it with Marvel. They’re very savvy. They know what’s going on in their world, from movies to shows to games. They help keep us abreast of what is going on and what’s the right and wrong ways for us to reference each other. At the end of the day, this is Avengers. We’re building The Avengers universe. This is our thing.”

It is a big risk as one of the biggest appealing factors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how each film is connected in one big universe with one story leading into the other. Separating from that universe allows them to build their story and create their own unique interactions with the characters. The hope is that the risk pays off. Amos also stated that this is the biggest project they have ever worked on as they have five studios coming together to work on the title. They have also hired people all over the game industry to help make this an amazing game.

One thing is for certain; Crystal Dynamics are throwing everything they’ve got to make this game, and it seems that there is a lot of love and care going into the title. Here’s hoping that the game is able to stick the landing and make good on its promises when it launches.