Nintendo Switch Mini May Have Been Leaked Via “Secret” Design Information

Nintendo Switch Mini may have leaked by accessories. HonSon has “secret” information on device

The rumored Nintendo Switch Mini may have been leaked. There have been loads of rumours suggesting a lowered price system will be released to accompany the main console but despite all this Nintendo still hasn’t officially revealed if such a device exists. Though we now have the closet thing to confirmation of the system existing in some form due to planned accessories for it being leaked. HonSon, a Chinese gaming accessory manufacturer, listed a number of accessories specifically designed for a Nintendo Switch Mini device on their site.

HonSon has responded to the product designs saying that the company has based these products off of “secret” information. They are also waiting for Nintendo to officially unveil the system before they can put these items in production. They have also confirmed from the information they have received that the Switch Mini is “a little smaller” than the current version available.

This wouldn’t be the first time designs for a new device have been leaked via accessories, with smartphones being leaked pretty much all the time because of this. Accessory manufacturers need device measurements in order to make products for the devices. Though the device’s image may not the actual representation of the console, the featured cases may show the size of it.

There has been talk about a Nintendo Switch Mini since April 2017, with analysts at the time predicting that a “Mini” variant would drop in 2019. Now that it is 2019, those rumours have increased in number with more detailed reports by Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal regarding such a console being released. It stands to reason that if these accessories are in development, manufacturers may have received early designs for a new Switch console ahead of its release.

All of this information has just basically confirmed that the Switch Mini is indeed a real thing, now we just need Nintendo to confirm it. We’re not sure what’s keeping them from announcing it as they the Switch is selling like hot cakes and a mini version would just add to the sales.

Are you excited about the prospect of a Switch Mini?