Xbox Project Scarlett: An Exciting New Prospect

Microsoft revealed a few new details about Xbox Project Scarlett at E3 2019. Is it really worth getting excited about?

By the time the Xbox Scarlett comes out, it will have been seven years since the Xbox One launched. The new dawn of Xbox is upon us, and with it comes something that sounds like it’ll not only make my TV explode but melt my eyes with its sheer beauty.

The Xbox Scarlett will launch Holiday 2020, so you’ll have something to write to Santa about next year Christmas. Although we have no clue what the thing looks like, we know a bit about what is under the hood and what it is capable of. It will have 8K support, SSD Storage and ray tracing graphics, which is all very technical and sounds very fancy. It will also be 4x stronger than the Xbox One X. It seems like the team at Xbox has it in for loading screens as they hope to abolish them with the new generation.



This all sounds amazing but let’s be honest, regardless of whether it’s Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo; a new console launch is always exciting. It’s like the next step in the gaming evolution. Our games get prettier and are capable of more things as generations evolve. I’m sure developers get excited too as they discover new limits and how far they can push them. There’s a lot to be excited about; but what about our games now?

I don’t know why but for some reason the backwards compatible segment of the Inside Xbox episode struck a chord with me. I remember how excited I was when they announced that the Xbox One would play Xbox 360 games. Then, they went and announced that the original Xbox would have some games playable on the Xbox One. It was amazing. But talk of a new generation always scares me a little because what does that mean for the games I’m investing so much time and passion into now?


“These games are going with you to the next Xbox.”

That was the line that tugged at my heartstrings. Four generations of Xbox will be playable on Xbox Scarlett. I don’t know how exactly they’ll manage it but the Xbox Scarlett will be a cross-generational platform, which no doubt has pleased a lot of fans.

Sadly, this means no more backwards compatible games are being added to the Xbox One as the last few were revealed during the Inside Xbox episode but the goal is for every game that you play on Xbox One today to work on the Xbox Scarlett.

So, here’s to a new generation of Xbox!

Welcome to the family, Scarlett.