Monster Hunter Film Trailer Leaks Online

A trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter film has leaked online.

We finally got see a glimpse of Screen Gems upcoming Monster Hunter movie during the Shanghai International Film Festival, and within a few hours a trailer was unofficially leaked from the festival. The leak shows off-screen footage of the film and it’s not an amazing first look. Since it was shown off at the Shanghai International Film Festival, there may be an official trailer coming soon but there hasn’t been word from Screen Gems or anyone involved in the film thus far.

If you were unaware, Monster Hunter is an upcoming fantasy-action thriller film that is being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil). It is loosely based on the video game franchise of the same name. The game sees you fight giant monsters in the world and carve their bodies to make better weapons and armour for your character. The film is being produced by Impact Pictures and Constantin Film and will star Milla Jovovich (from Resident Evil fame), Tony Jaa (The Raid), T.I., Meagan Good, Diegon Boneta, and Ron Perlman.

Besides the cast there isn’t much know about the movie except for some tiny plot details. We know it follows a United Nations Military team that falls into a portal and arrives in an alternate dimension where just like in the game, humans fight gigantic monsters and beasts. Now this military team has to survive this new hostile world and protect the portal to ensure that these monsters don’t make their way to earth.

Though the plot sounds insane, Monster Hunter games aren’t known for their stories but instead their action and gameplay experiences. It seems from the trailer, the film will be focusing on that too. The trailer shows Diablos jumping out of the sand and what seems to be Rathalos flying towards the screen. Hopefully, the film is good since it’s been in development since 2012.

From this leaked trailer, it’s hard to get excited about the film. If they are able to represent monsters well, many fans should be satisfied with the end result. There is hope seeing as Detective Pikachu showed that with the right people, video game movies can be done well. Monster Hunter will release on 4 September 2020.

Are you excited about the Monster Hunter film and what do you think of the leaked footage?