Why Robert Pattinson Could Be A Good Batman

Everyone’s been complaining about Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman, but here’s why he could actually be a good fit for the role.

By now you’ve heard the news; Robert Pattinson is our new Batman. A lot of people lifted their noses at that. That’s because most think of that moody teenage Vampire from all those years ago when they hear his name. How could he ever be The Bat? But, isn’t this pretty much the same question we contemplate every time a new actor is picked to don the cape?

Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck all gotten flak when they were announced to be taking up the role. But, as with everything, people were too quick to judge. Keaton gave us a modern incarnation of Batman most know and love; a flawed hero who was more human than a superhero. (A casting that just made Birdman all the more authentic years later.)


Bale gave us one of the best versions we have ever had, and probably the most recognised one in recent years. Although so many hated Ben Affleck as Batman, he gave us the closest thing to a live-action Dark Knight Returns version of Batman currently available. People complained with each of these castings because they will always complain about who responds to the Bat signal. That’s just how they are.

Robert Pattinson wouldn’t have been my first choice but I’m interested in seeing what his incarnation of the Caped Crusader looks like. There are many people that still see that moody vampire whenever they see him. Although I only watched one of the Twilight movies with some friends who dragged me into it, I too had that fixed image of him being a sullen teenage vampire.

Some roles just cast too big a shadow for actors to fully escape from. However, there was a movie that changed my views on Robert Pattinson and gave me a lot of respect for him as an actor; The Rover. Although it is a slow film, I can’t recommend it enough. If you have any reservations regarding Pattinson’s acting chops, then I suggest you look this The Rover up. I think he really showed people what he was capable of in this film.


(Source: Roadshow Films)

Just by glancing at the recent additions to his credit list, it’s clear that he is picking roles that are far more complex and mature than his first few roles. Could The Batman be the movie that finally sheds Pattinson of his Twilight skin?

I personally feel The Rover already did that but maybe The Batman is what he needs to really hammer it in. Only time will tell. But if this all goes horribly wrong, then at least we’re getting a Batman with a strong jawline, so that counts for something, doesn’t it?