Microsoft E3 Conference Thoughts

Was Microsoft pulling their punches during their E3 conference this year? Are they holding back for Xbox Scarlett?

The Microsoft E3 conference was chock-full of reveals and surprises but most of them were about games we already knew were coming. Other reveals were even just DLC for games that are already out. Besides the Xbox Scarlett, there wasn’t anything major in terms of new content on the way. So, what gives? Why does it feel like Microsoft was pulling their punches? Well, as already mentioned, the Xbox Scarlett may have a thing or two to do with that.


Besides Halo Infinite, what exactly is coming out with the next generation of Xbox that has been confirmed? I can’t think of anything. It feels like Xbox was purposely holding back so that for next year’s E3 they can blast us with as many launch titles for the new console as they possibly can. Seeing as though they have acquired so many first-party studios, like Undead Labs and Ninja Theory to name a few, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot of exclusives for the next-gen console. (Something which fans have been wanting for years.)

This year’s E3 felt a little lacklustre compared to last year’s conference. Yes, we had Keanu Reeves, the official reveal of the Xbox Scarlett (although we already knew it was coming) and an awesome revival of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, along with a ton of ID@Xbox reveals. However, the conference wasn’t as big as it could’ve been had some big first-party triple-A titles been on the floor.

My heart sank when the show ended and there wasn’t even a mention of the all but announced Fable IV. We know it is a thing. There have been too many leaks to suggest otherwise. But, not even a mention? (Why do you gotta do me like that, Phil Spencer?)

Think about it. Every year at E3 we get a new Forza game reveal, whether it is Forza Motorsports or Forza Horizon, but this year all we got was a DLC pack for last year’s Horizon 4. Why is that? I was talking to a friend and we came to the conclusion that maybe the next instalment for Forza is going to be Forza 8 but for the Xbox Scarlett and the reason why it wasn’t shown this year is because as a rule, a Forza Motorsports comes out followed by a Forza Horizon made by Playground Games but the word on the proverbial street is that Playground Games are working on Fable IV, which would be the perfect launch title for the next generation of Xbox.

They can’t work on Fable and the Horizon follow-up to Forza 8. So, the most logical thing to do is to skip a year altogether and release Forza 8 with the new Xbox allowing Playground Games to deliver their follow-up a year later, which gives them plenty time to work on Fable IV as a launch title. I predict next year we will get a Forza 8, Fable IV and some other grand reveals.

But this may be spit-balling. Or I’m reading into everything too much. Either way, although this year’s Microsoft conference felt like it was holding back considerably, I suspect next’s year’s will knock it out of the park.