You Can Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Without Killing Anyone

It seems that players will be able to perform pacifist runs in Cyberpunk 2077 if they choose to do so.

CD Projekt Red’s new ambitious open-world Cyberpunk 2077 is certainly one of the most-anticipated upcoming games. At E3 2019, we gained quite a bit of new information about the title, including a release date (16 April 2020) and that Keanu Reeves will be starring in the game. Since then, press has been given access to a closed doors demo. We now have some more details about gameplay and how choices will affect the story.

One of the most important choices is whether players will choose to send people to the morgue or just put them in the hospital. This choice will also impact how the story will play out as these people can come back. Pawel Sasko, the game’s lead quest designer said that how players deal with the people they encounter won’t always matter but there will be story moments where there will be finality in player actions that will have lasting consequences. It seems that CD Projekt Red’s is all about player choice and how it will affect your story. It also seems player build will also affect choices in the game. For example, a Netrunner (hacker) can build a turret to target enemies, whereas a heavy build can rip off the turret and wield it as any weapon.

Cd Projekt Red also confirmed that players can perform pacifist runs if they choose to do so. Players will be able to sneak and hack to avoid combat scenarios, but it isn’t clear if there will be situations where they’ll be forced to fight, such as in situations where players fail to sneak or hack their way past a combat situation.

It seems that CD Projekt Red is building one of the most ambitious games they have ever made. Cyberpunk 2077 may redefine open-world games and create a new template for future games to follow. We will just have to wait until April 2020 to hack ourselves in to this world.

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