Square Enix Doesn’t Know How Many Episodes It Will Take To Complete The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix isn’t sure how long will it take to complete the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game will be releasing in parts with the first installment due to be released on 3 March 2020.

We finally got a chance to see more of the Final Fantasy VII Remake during E3 2019. Square Enix has announced that the game will release on 3 March 2020. Though this won’t be the complete game as it will be released in an episodic format. The first part of the game will cover the Midgar portion of the title with more episodes to follow later. As for how many episodes will follow afterwards, not even Square Enix is sure.

During their E3 press conference, Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will cover two Blu-ray discs. Producer, Yoshinori Kitase said that there’s so much content in the first episode, that it’ll cover two discs. Speaking on the decision to do parts, Kitase said, “To do the whole story was going to be huge. And then when we actually did start planning out the plot for the first game, it hit us again that this is going to be a huge amount of content. At that point, we decided we’re going to focus this game on Midgar and what happened in Midgar.” He also said that he doesn’t know anything about future parts as they are still fleshing out the process.

He also said that all the work already done on the game will help in speeding up development of future Final Fantasy VII episodes. We can only guess how much Midgar will account for when the full is released since the original game came on three discs.

This all suggests that fans of Final Fantasy VII will have to wait patiently for the full game. The biggest question is how big and long Final Fantasy VII will be when 3 March comes around.

What do you think about the future of Final Fantasy VII?