New Stranger Things Game Coming In 2020

Netflix popped by E3 2019 to share some details about their interactive initiatives for its future. A new Stranger Things game was a major point of discussion.

The Stranger Things franchise is expanding even more as Netflix director of interactive games Chris Lee revealed that the hit Netflix series will be getting two more games in the near future.

The announcement was made in unusual fashion, as the video-streaming giant stopped by E3 and held a 40-minute panel to discuss and provide some details about the games that Netflix will be releasing for Stranger Things and other gaming-related or interactive development plans that The streaming giant will be pursuing to complement its programs. During the E3 panel, it was also mentioned that some Stranger Things content would be coming to Fortnite soon.

One of the Stranger Things games will be Stranger Things 3: The Game, a 16-bit, beat ’em up game that’s a successor to Stranger Things: The Game (released in 2017) that will be released on the same day as the premiere of the series’ third season (4 July). Unlike its predecessor, Stranger Things 3: The Game will have both solo and co-op play. It will be playable on iOS and Android as well as on PC, Mac, and consoles – Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The other Stranger Things game is an iOS and Android-exclusive, 80s retro-styled location-based puzzle RPG; players will be able to explore the Upside Down as they travel in real life. In certain regards, it’s been compared to Pokemon Go. Barely any details about this game have been revealed. The game is being developed by Next Games and is set to be released in 2020. CEO of Next Games, Teemu Huuhtanen said, “Our core focus [with the game] will be to deliver on Stranger Things’ rich and intense themes like friendship and supernatural adventure, and translate these into snack-sized entertainment on your mobile device.”

As information from the E3 panel suggests, Netflix is becoming more and more invested in supporting and developing interactive media that it hopes fans enjoy. Regardless of whether this adjustment in initiative will hold surprises for your favorite Netflix content, the interactive future that Netflix is working towards is very exciting.