Apex Legends To Stay Titan Free

After months of debate, a million hours of testing and countless thoughts on how to improve Apex Legends, Titans will not be one of them.

While developing Apex Legends, developer Respawn suggested that Titans may one day be introduced in the game. However, the development team has now confirmed that Titans will not be introduced into the Apex Universe

Before the release of Apex Legends, Respawn looked at the different options that were available to make the game the best battle royale to date. The team looked at double or triple jumps, and wall running abilities with a combination of some outrageous ideas. Although Apex Legends comes from the Titanfall Universe, Repawn wanted to make this game unique and not just another Titanfall.

Titans: Titanfall 2

With that in mind, the game became centered around strategy, where the players could master gameplay in a relatively short amount of time. It made sense then to have three-man squads instead of four- or five-man squads as players would be lost in the amount of information they would have to keep track of, making combat encounters too complex and evidently too hard to read.

Season 2 is coming up swiftly, and the developers looked at the viability of introducing Titans. Their main concern was that it would take away from the original concept of the game. Introducing Titans would make the playing field unbalanced. The point of a Titan is to give your team a boost for a period of time, allowing you to hopefully swing the game in your favour. With Apex Legends being as fast-paced and movement orientated as it is, a Titan would just slow the game and bring a whole new feel.

After an “approximately a bajillion tests” and countless hours of continuously playing the game to make sure what would be a good fit and improve the game, it was felt that introducing Titans would not fit the Apex Legends universe. So, why have them?