Everything Shown at EA Play 2019

Here is a rundown of everything EA showed at their EA Play conference this year.

EA kicked off E3 with their annual EA play event. Development studios owned by the publisher were given thirty minutes of screen time to provide viewers with information about the games they were working on, which included Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5, FIFA 20 and more.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Shows Its Lightsaber Flair

The event kicked off with EA’s easily most-anticipated game: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Developer Respawn brought a new 15-minute trailer the event. Within the demo, we see Cal Kestis wield different kinds of force powers like push, pull, force flip (AKA double-jumping) and time manipulation, among others. Cal’s lightsaber also has a different twist with the ability to insta-kill Stormtroopers.

Your android companion BD-01 will ride on Cal’s back and will help him in certain situations, such as providing health boosts and scanning enemies for extra information. There were platforming elements shown as Cal used his force abilities to pull structures down to advance. Combat seems to be free flow and will allow players to experiment with their different force abilities. 

Respawn has said that Fallen Order is going to be a canon Star Wars story as we see Cal teaming up with Saw Gerrera from Star War: Rogue One. Respawn confirmed that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch on 15 November.

Apex Legends Debuts New Character Wattson and Season 2 Details

Apex Legends debuted a new character called Wattson as the tenth legend in game. Wattson will debut at the beginning of Season 2. The character is an electricity-focused engineer, which can set up fences that can zap enemies. In addition to this, her Interception Pylon Ultimate will help in shooting down grenades, while the blasts from her Gibraltar’s Bombardments will also reduce her fence cool-down. Thanks to this passive ability, Wattson can instantly get a full charge whenever she uses an Ultimate Accelerate.

Season 2 will also bring a new weapon called the L-Star rifle. Fans who have played Titanfall 2 will be familiar with it. It will only be available as a Care Package due to its strength. Season 2 will also be bringing two new hop-up mods, daily and weekly challenges that can stack and will get rid of badges and stat trackers to get better rewards.

Battlefield 5 Reveals Chapter 5 And New Maps

Battlefield 5 will be ending its Chapter 4 content with three new maps. The first map, Marita, features an invasion of Greece filled with vertical gameplay by its hilly terrain. There’s also Al-Sundan, which is a massive map designed to support players who like the bigger, larger scale combat that Battlefield is famous for. Then, there’s Operation Underground, which creates a more intimate experience with flanking options and more opportunities to surprise players.

They also outlined Chapter 5 of Battlefield 5 with the team attempting to recreate the conflict of Iwo Jima. Chapter 5 will also come with a new set of weapons and vehicles that are specific to that theater of war.

FIFA 20 Brings Volta Football To The Series

The FIFA 20 portion of the conference was heavily focused on their new Volta mode, which is basically a new version of FIFA Street. Volta is designed to reflect street football, which comes with a character creator option and the ability to customise your gear.

Changes to the main game, such as subtle updates to AI and dribbling, were also announced. EA also mentioned a new free kick and penalty system. The new free kick system will give players full control over how the spin of the ball is affected with the right analogue stick. FIFA 20 will release on 27 September.

Madden 20 Hyped Up RPO’s

Madden 20 put a huge focus on run-pass options being added to the playbook for this year’s entry. They also touted their Scenario Engine, which will help in creating dynamic challenges to help your player and their ratings in the game’s single-player mode, which will now be called the Face of the Franchise. There will also be superstar X-factor abilities added to the best players in the league, with constant updates changing these abilities based on their real-world stats.

The Sims 4 Brings Island Living To Your Sims

It seems that your Sims are getting a much needed vacation with the upcoming Sims 4: Island Living expansion. The expansion will feature mermaids, beachwear, and different water-related activities. Your Sim will also feature a fishtail and can jump in water and even make friends with mermaids. The Sims 4: Island Living hits PC on 21 June and will be coming to consoles on 16 July.

So, what did you think of this year’s EA Play?