Dying Light 2 To Be Released in 2020

Whether its scavenging items from humans during the day or fighting off zombies at night, survival is key in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 will be released sometime in the second quarter of 2020. The announcement was made by Techland at E3 earlier this week. This is the first piece of information the public has received since the announcement of a sequel.

First impressions from the trailer show us that gameplay is a mixture between Mirror’s Edge, with a parkour-style allowing players to maneuver around the city buildings and structures with relative ease, and a combat style of strength and precision from the previous game. Whether you are fighting zombies at night or fractions of humans during the day, survival is key.

Being INFECTED, allows you to have an advantage in the game as it gives you exceptional agility and brutal combat skills, empowering you to make changes you see fit within the world. These decisions don’t come without consequences though. What you decide will alter the game in a colossal way, having an impact on entire regions within the city.

The infected in this game are more sensitive to UV lights, causing them to be dormant during the day, making humans your biggest enemy as everyone is scavenging for whatever they can find. However, at night, your fear is the zombies seeking their prey to feast on.

There is no set cost to the game just yet, but you are able to add it to your wish list on Steam, which will notify you of when the game does become available.

Let us know if you are looking at adding Dying Light 2 to your wish list and your thoughts on the upcoming game in the comment section below.