THQ Nordic Announces Destroy All Humans! Remake Coming 2020

The cult classic Destroy All Humans! is getting a remake with a planned 2020 release.

It seems that the leaks suggesting that a new Destroy All Humans! game was on the way were true as we will soon be stepping back in the shoes of Crypto to wreak some havoc. THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have announced a remake of the cult classic alien invasion game set to be released in 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game is being developed by Black Forest Games who are an internal studio for THQ Nordic, who previously produced Giana Sisters and Fade to Silence. The reveal trailer shows Crypto abducting cows in his iconic flying saucer. He then hypnotizes the entire town into a dance party, which is set to Rammstein’s Ich Will. This trailer seems to show that the game will still offer the quirky comedy and charm of the original game. Though no gameplay shown and a vague release date of 2020 was given, many fans are quite happy that game will be making a return.

The original Destroy All Humans! was set in 1959 and was developed by Pandemic Studios. Players took control of the alien called Crypto or his full name Cryptosporidium 137 as he attempts to take control of Earth and harvest human DNA. The game provided players with open-world chaos and a load of humorous moments. The game played into the stereotypes of the late-50s of aliens as showing them as little grey men in huge flying saucers. The success of the first title would spawn a sequel in 2006 which was then followed by two other spin-off games.

THQ Nordic did say they would be revealing games this week and this announcement was quite expected. The publisher also announced that another remake of SpongeBob: Battle of Bikini Bottom as well as Darksiders Genesis at the Google Stadia presentation. It seems that players can get ready to wreak some alien havoc in the near future.

Are you excited about the Destroy All Humans Remake?