What I Hope To See In Fable IV

With Microsoft’s E3 conference just hours away, I have a look at what I would like to see in a new Fable game.

It’s all but officially confirmed now. Countless leaks and job listings have pointed to the fact that Playground Games is making a new Fable game. I know it, you know it, the cats and dogs know it. With a recent leak pointing to a completely open-world, multiplayer, settlement building and a world reset, one conversation that keeps popping up is: “What do you want to see from Fable IV?”

I have added a few of the recent leaks to my wishlist just in case they were greatly exaggerated. However, there’s still an array of other things I still want to see though. So, if Sunday night’s E3 conference could just hurry up and get here already, that would be great!


A Complete Open World

One of the points in the leak mentioned a world that was completely open. This was quite obvious from the beginning as Playground Games are the minds behind Forza Horizon, a game that prides itself on its open-world.

This was also the next logical step in the Fable series, an opportunity which seemed missed with Fable III in 2010. The loading screens between regions in the original games got a little annoying after a while. A completely open-world would do the series a ton of good or bad depending on whether it is populated with interesting things to do and see. It’ll be interesting to see Playground Games tackle an open-world that is designed to be explored on foot rather than in a fast car.


That Fable Charm

One thing that Fable really has going for it was that good Ol’ Fable charm, which is a perfect match between fairy tale-esque fantasy and raw British humour. It made the series stand out from other fantasy games at the time and the odd humour added so much character to it.

Some worry that without Lionhead Studios at the helm, Fable will lose that charm but I really hope it doesn’t. Playground Games will do their own thing with the game, and,  hopefully, that includes staying true to the original games’ charm in some way or form.

Business Tycoon

One leak mentioned building towns. It’s no surprise that town building was mentioned as that is the next logical step to build on the town management feature in older games. Could the proposed feature be similar to the settlements we saw in Fallout 4?

Hopefully, as I personally found that system easy to grasp but one thing I am really worried about is the town building to replace the Business Tycoon side of things.

It’ll be a shame if players can’t invest in stores and houses like they could before and it’ll be an even bigger shame if jobs were excluded from the game. Being the town pie roller or blacksmith really added to the older games’ appeal. So, hopefully a step back isn’t required for this step forward.



Fable 2 and 3 had co-op which was okay. Fable 2’s co-op was a little stale and Fable 3’s was decent. Part of the leak did mention a multiplayer mode, which, again, if there was ever going to be a new Fable that was going to be in it. I really hope it is still co-op and not a massive online world like Forza Horizon 4 or Sea of Thieves.

Fable doesn’t feel like it’ll work that way. MMO’s tend to dilute the choice mechanic in games and it’ll be a shame to do that to Fable. I’ve played MMOs where I’d make a choice, a character dies and then I see that character again in passing because, well, they’re a quest giver. It just undermines the choice mechanic. So, I hope the multiplayer is just a better co-op than the older games where a few friends can join each other and play. Or, could it be the dead Fable Legends that is slapped on for some PVP action? That’ll be cool too.

fable 2 vs fable 3

The Dog…Or Any Pet

I know, some people hated the dog. But a lot of people liked the dog too and it’ll be the cherry on top of the cake if the dog returns or maybe any form of pet. Maybe, an adventurous cat, perhaps? A well-behaved Hobbe? Hmm…

There is a lot of potential for Fable 4. Hopefully, something that’ll be revealed at E3. I’m hopeful and so are so many fans who have been waiting for this beloved franchise to make a comeback.

What do you want to see from Fable 4?