The Surge 2 Release Date Announced

Deck 13 Interactive has announced that The Surge 2 will be available for purchase on 24 September.

The follow up to the Deck 13 Interactive’s 2017 surprise hit, The Surge, has finally been given a release date. The Surge 2 will be releasing on 24 September. The game was recently leaked by the Microsoft Store and was later officially confirmed on Twitter. 

The Surge 2 will see players travel to Jericho City. However, things don’t go entirely to plan with player’s plane being shot down in a storm of wild killer robots. The move to Jericho City means this game will feature more of an open-world in contrast to the corridor layout of the first game. 

Deck13 Interactive promises that the story will be longer than the first game and that there will be more choices when it comes to gameplay. The game will retain the combat systems that were present in the first game in which players dismember parts of their robot foes to gain the advantage in battle. However, it will be more refined and allow for more choices when it comes to dismemberment, meaning a larger arsenal of weapons, armor, abilities, implants and drones will be available to your character in this new ambitious world.

The Surge has its roots in the Dark Souls series. Deck13 Interactive is known for their souls-like games having previously released Lords of Fallen. Although the game was  fairly well-received, it didn’t sell well. The Surge was then released in 2017 and was also received well being praised for its spin on the Dark Souls formula.

It seems that Deck13 is looking to make The Surge 2 far better than its predecessor and build on the gameplay of before. The time to dismember robots once again is nearly upon us.

Are you excited about The Surge 2