New Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Gameplay, Release Date And Breaks A Record

The nine minute trailer reveals combat, stealth and story. The game is set to be released on will November 8.

If you have been on the internet the last few days, you may have come across people freaking out over the new Death Stranding trailer. The internet was set ablaze when Sony revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Hideo Kojima game,  Death Stranding.  Within just six hours, the trailer became the fastest viewed and liked video game trailer of 2019. Across PlayStation’s many YouTube channels, it acquired 2.1 million views in just six hours. The trailer finally revealed something about the game’s story and gameplay.

Though the trailer does reveal much, there is still mass confusion over what is actually going on in the game. The almost nine minute piece follows the main character Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) making deliveries across a ruined United States. He seems to be delivery guy who has to fix the broken pieces of the country. Later, we see Sam being chased by masked assailants and silently sneaking past invisible monsters called BT’s. Sam is eventually caught by the BT’s and is sent to another world, which seems to be set in WWII.

There’s still much to be discussed in the story department. The babies we have seen in the trailers are called Bridge Babies or BB’s for short. Sam states in the trailer that they are a connection to another world and keep them from the BT’s sight.

Another point of interest is Mads Mikkelsen’s character who we now know is called Cliff. We don’t know if the character is good or bad. The story seems to be all about connecting different strands to change the desolated world. Some combat also appeared in the trailer, along with stealth gameplay and traversal.

There is still so much more to dissect from the trailer. It’s safe to say that the only one who understands anything from this game is Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding will be releasing on 8 November. This will be Sony’s big ticket item for the holiday season. 

Are you excited about Death Stranding and what do you think is going in the game?