Two Big PS4 Games Have Their Releases Delayed

On the day that Death Stranding finally gets a release date, two other anticipated PS4 games get theirs pushed back.

May 29th was quite an emotional day for the average up-to-date PlayStation fan. Death Stranding‘s release date was revealed, and other games had their dates pushed. Two highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 titles, arguably the last batch of interesting AAA games to be released on PS4 for this console generation, were both rumored to be coming some time in 2019. However, both of these rumors/presumptions were debunked as new information surfaced from the same source indicating 2020 releases for both.

The Last of Us 2, the sequel to the wildly successful action-adventure survival horror PlayStation 3 game – The Last of Us, was apparently slated for a late 2019 release – a release window which was never really confirmed. From industry rumors and bits of information about the final scenes being shot, it’s safe to say that the overly excited fan would be inclined to believe that the game, first revealed in 2016, was in its final stages of development and could, plausibly, be released in late 2019. Many Reddit threads (such as this one) seem to show that fans very much believed that they wouldn’t go the whole of 2019 without getting their hands on The Last of Us 2. However, early 2020 is apparently the release window and even that is still, unconfirmed. The information was revealed by Kotaku editor Jason Schreier via the following tweet:

The other game in the pair is the much-discussed Cyberpunk 2077. The futuristic RPG had been announced an eyebrow-raising seven years ago. Recently, it was revealed that the development team at CD Projekt Red for the game ramped up to over 400 people, up from 50 in 2015. The game has been confirmed to be in its later parts of development but Cyberpunk 2077 has had such a rocky road that it’s hard for fans to take any rumors without a huge chunk of salt.

There were, however, rumours in March that sparked speculation and definitely fed to little hope or belief that 2019 was the release window for the game. Territory Studio, the company behind the logo design and some animation of Cyberpunk 2077, put up a description on their website that stated that the game was slated for a 2019 release. The information was quickly removed. The 2019 release is now being claimed absolutely untrue by none other than (you guessed it) Jason Schreier via his tweet in response to another user’s tweet:

This may not be the news that any fan wanted, but there’s almost always a silver lining to any game being delayed: the end product is usually better and more refined than it would have been had it been released earlier.