Ubisoft Store Leaks Ubisoft Pass Subscription Service Before E3 2019

A recent Ubisoft store listing may have leaked that the publisher is planning a subscription service called Ubisoft Pass.

It seems that the closer we get to E3, the harder its getting for video game developers and publishers to keep secrets as there are leaks everywhere. One of the more recent leaks has involved Ubisoft potentially letting go that they are planning a subscription service called “Ubisoft Pass”. The leak comes via their store with the listing having since been removed.

Some fans noticed before the page was removed, the Ubisoft Pass listing was for a premium version of the service. This suggests that there will be multiple tiers to the service but what each will entail is currently unknown. Based on the limited available information, it sounds like the upcoming service will be Ubisoft’s own version of EA Access or Xbox Game Pass. It is important to take this with a grain of salt as Ubisoft hasn’t commented on the leak yet.

It is possible that the service could include access to free titles, deep specials as well as some other benefits for members. With Ubisoft’s game library filled with massive franchises, such as Assassin Creed, Watchdogs, Splinter Cell and The Division, this could make the service very attractive to many players. 

With all this evidence, it seems that Ubisoft is gearing up for some huge announcements at E3 this year. With the publisher’s last E3 conference having been considered a little underwhelming by many gamers, it stands to reason that they may want to come out and do better this year. Announcing an all-access pass may certainly be one way to do this.

What do you think about the idea of a Ubisoft Pass?