Rumour: The Witcher 3 Coming To The Nintendo Switch in September?

A new leak suggests the The Witcher 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in September.

The Nintendo Switch has become a juggernaut since launching back in 2017, with a load of support from third-party studios coming in the form of both ports and new titles. A rumour suggesting that The Witcher 3 will be the next major title to be ported to the Switch has resurfaced once again after recent listings from multiple Asian websites showing the game available to purchase for the console with a September release date.

This is not the first time a listing has suggested that The Witcher 3 will be released on the portable console. Earlier this year, a French wholesaler listed the game for the Switch with a placeholder date of December 2019. As always, it is important to take these rumours with a grain of salt, but two listings from two entirely different retailers does seem to suggest that maybe there is some truth to the rumour.

The big question now is whether the Switch can actually run the game. The console has previously seen some big releases from third-party studios, including Doom, Skyrim and the recently released Mortal Kombat 11, among many others. Naturally, these titles did receive a graphics downgrade in order to run on the system.

Nintendo has also messed around with streaming games in Japan when they allowed owners to stream Resident Evil 7 on the system. Though this feature isn’t currently available everywhere, this may be one way to release bigger games on the console.

Again, it is important to treat rumours as rumours, especially as CD Projekt Red hasn’t said anything about the game being released on the Switch. The developer is also probably putting a strong focus on the much-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. It would be awesome to have Geralt in the palm of your hands, though.

Would you like to see The Witcher 3 come to the Switch?