The Avengers Project Teased To Appear At E3

Fans are convinced that Square Enix has just tweeted an ” Avengers Project” tease for E3.

It’s been over two years since publisher Square Enix announced its multi-game partnership with Marvel Entertainment. Teased with an announcement video, The Avengers Project (a placeholder for the unnamed game) had been identified as the first game to be birthed from this partnership. Since its announcement, however, only tiny bits of information about the game have been released, but that might change come E3 2019.

Square Enix posted two tweets about its upcoming panel at E3. On a quick glance, there’s nothing in particular that would refer to anything more than the information being presented: the date, time, and link for Square Enix’s live E3 panel. Marvel fans, however, noticed the colors in the frames on either side of the framed announcement: purple and orange in one tweet, and green and blue in the other.

When linked together, fans claim that the colors refer to the Infinity Stones (rock-like artifacts that are of much importance in the storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in the last two Avengers movies). In that sense, the tweets definitely seem to tease The Avengers Project, but, still, this bit of info remains speculation as nothing has been confirmed.

The Avengers Project is being developed by Eidos Montreal (developers of the Deus Ex series and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and Crystal Dynamics (developers of the Tomb Raider series). Former Uncharted director Shaun Escayg and Dead Space producer Stephen Barry also joined the development team in January 2018. When its announcement video had been released, the alleged third-person action adventure game was pegged for a 2018 release, which evidently did not happen.

Crystal Dynamics hired more employees at its headquarters and opened a satellite studio, which would be focused on developing technology for The Avengers Project. Speaking to IGN, Marvel Game creative director Bill Rosemann, revealed that the developers of The Avengers Project were given freedom to create their own storylines and that they didn’t have to overlap with the Marvel Cinematic Universe plotlines.

It’s entirely probable that Square Enix will share some information on The Avengers Project at E3. Hopefully, these colors aren’t just an unfortunate coincidence.