The Next PSVR Headset May Get Some Interesting Features

A recent patent has revealed what Sony May be focusing on with regard to the PlayStation VR.

Sony has divulged a few details about what lies in the future for the PlayStation VR. As the ‘PlayStation 5’ era comes nearer, the PSVR is going through its own evolution so that the overall virtual reality experience granted by Sony can improve and fit better into the next exciting console era.

For those who aren’t very familiar with PlayStation VR (abbreviated as PSVR), it is the virtual reality headset developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released in October 2016, the PSVR is compatible with all models of the PlayStation 4. It is one of the more accessible and relatively affordable VR entertainment solutions and is a well-reviewed and commercially-successful piece of technology.

According to Engadget, Sony filed a patent for gloves that would work as a companion to the PSVR that would essentially help the player feel what happens to the in-game character, such as “being held, moved, crushed, tossed, dropped, rubbed, squeezed or pressed.” Although the patent is specifically for a variety of technological systems that would enable haptic feedback in gloves, the patent mentions that the same technology could be put to use in “hat, footwear, pants, or shirt.”

In a sitting with CNET, the Global Head of Research & Development for PlayStation, Dominic Mallinson discussed some ideas that are being looked into for the next iteration of PSVR. Mallinson confirms that the PlayStation Move controllers (the preferred controllers for PSVR, which were developed and released way back for the PlayStation Eye for PlayStation 3) will be replaced. Eye tracking capabilities and a wireless headset option are also interesting and much-desired features that Mallinson believes are important for virtual reality entertainment as a whole, going forward.

psvr 2.jpg

In the interview, Mallinson also states that the next PlayStation VR headset will not be released alongside the ‘PlayStation 5.’ As an explanation, he offers that having the VR headset launch aside the new console will generate some confusion in consumers – something that everyone involved would very much like to avoid. Additionally, the current PSVR will be compatible with the upcoming console, so there’s no rush to develop a new VR headset in time for the release of the ‘PS5’. Read the exclusive article here.