Rumour: A New Destroy All Humans Will Land At E3 2019

A recently released image regarding THQ Nordic’s E3 line-up suggests that the publisher may be revealing a new Destroy All Humans title.

With E3 around the corner,  rumours regarding new potential announcements are running rife. It seems that one of the latest rumours is that THQ Nordic will announce a new Destroy All Humans game at this year’s conference. We already know that THQ Nordic will be announcing two new games this year, which will be sequels. The publisher has suggested that one involves a “new vision” for a franchise and the other is a very “long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game.” According to a new rumour, the latter may be a new Destroy All Humans title.

The game was supposedly outed back in February when THQ Nordic held an AMA on 8chan and a Twitter user named “Afro Gear” took a screenshot of an image uploaded during the session. The image featured THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 line-up that had listed a new Destroy All Humans title. Though this rumour hasn’t been confirmed by THQ Nordic, there’s merit to bringing back the alien-crazed franchise due to the sales of the PS2 re-releases on PS4. We do not know if it will be a new game or a remaster of the old game yet. 

If you can’t remember, Destroy All Humans is an open world action-adventure game series which parodies the Cold War-era alien invasion movies. The game was released in 2005 and was met with average reviews, but was followed by a sequel in 2006. The fourth and final game in the series was released in 2008, with reviews ranging from average to below average. The series has been dormant since then and even though they weren’t big-sellers, the games have developed a cult following since then.

THQ Nordic will certainly have a big showing at this year’s E3. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what the publisher will announce but we do know that whatever they bring to E3, it will prove to be exciting.

Would you like to see a new entry in the Destroy All Humans franchise or a remaster of the old game?